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#ActForChange – Shoprite and Checkers Western Cape joins PSFA in the fights against hunger

3 out of 4 children go to school hungry every single day. Without the right nourishment they can’t concentrate in class, battle to retain information and have terrible stomach cramps. But now you can make a difference…. Shoprite and Checkers Western Cape have adopted the Peninsula School Feeding Scheme Association as their beneficiary for the #ActForChange campaign in order to help fight hunger!

PSFA currently feeds 28 237 children at 155 schools every day and a donation of only R2 can feed a hungry child with 2 meals for one day! As our minimum donation is R5, you can feed 3 children with 2 meals a day with a donation of only R6!

  • R395 feeds a hungry child at school for an entire year with breakfast & lunch.
  • R11 850 gives an entire class breakfast and lunch for a year (30 children).

Now imagine how many hungry tummies you can fill with this campaign!!

A donation can be made at any till point in a Shoprite or Checkers store in the Western Cape

Ready, set… GO!

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