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The cost to feed a child for a year increases

The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) hereby wishes to announce that due to the steep increase in food prices caused by the volatile economic climate and the threat of food insecurity caused by the drought, we have had to increase our cost to feed a child for a year from R395.00 to R450.00 (R2.50 per child per day). The cost to feed a child for a month is R62 and a class of 30 children for a year is now R13 500.00.

PSFA is proud of the fact that we have diligently managed for the past six years, to keep the cost of feeding a child at a minimal amount of only R395 (R2 per child per day).

A donation of only R450 will enable PSFA to provide an underprivileged child on our feeding programme, with a nutritious breakfast and lunch while at school for an entire year! All donations in any amount will be greatly appreciated!

We trust that you understand our situation and will continue to support the work we do – you can’t teach a hungry child.


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