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ENIWE Children’s Fund to feed orphaned and vulnerable children in Gugulethu

The ENIWE Children’s Fund have committed to providing the Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) with funding in the amount of R47 180 to ensure that 100 orphans and vulnerable children participating in the Child and Youth Enrichment programme at the iKamva Labantu Rainbow Centre in Gugulethu, will receive a healthy meal during the week for an entire year, including public and school holidays. The funding will also ensure that the programme volunteer from the immediate community will receive skills development training and a monthly stipend for a year.
Born and raised in South Africa, Robyn Borruso founded Eniwe Children’s Fund in Sydney, Australia after witnessing first-hand the struggles endured by children orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS in South Africa. The South African office of the NPO has recently been established by Lauren Zuidema in Cape Town and together, the pair work to improve the lives of these orphaned and vulnerable children.
Eniwe Children’s Fund’s primary goal is to work with local communities to facilitate both short and long term sustainable projects and business ventures to enable underprivileged children to reap the benefits of education, skills, as well as improvements in basic health, safety and security initiatives. These sustainable strategies empower communities to better care for their orphans and vulnerable children.
Eniwe Children’s Fund has managed projects including the start of a rural independent school, sewing classes to benefit the community in skills development, built safe and secure homes ‘Child Headed Households’ in Khayelitsha, to name a few. Coupled with PSFA’s great work of feeding thousands of needy children every year it was an obvious collaboration waiting to happen.
PSFA is proud to be in a partnership with Eniwe Children’s Fund; and is looking forward to continuing a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

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