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Miltons Matsemela reaches a milestone in its Outreach Program – R1m donation

PSFA recently received some great news from one of its corporate donor’s Miltons Matsemela (MM), a company that sincerely believes in supporting its community. During our three year partnership, MM in conjunction with its estate agent clients, have to date managed to raise and donate R1 million to PSFA to feed hungry underprivileged school children in the Western Cape – a milestone reached!

The partnership entails that for every property transfer instruction MM receive from an estate agency, they provide PSFA with funding to feed one hungry child at a school in the greater Cape Town area for a period of six months.

To quote Milton Koumbatis, senior director at MM “Thank you to all our estate agent clients who support us. It is with great pride, pleasure and honour that we donate this money. Hopefully this is the first million of a number of millions towards this marvelous cause.”

Miltons Matsemela Inc is a firm of attorneys specializing in Conveyancing (the transfer of property and registration of bonds). For more info, please visit

Here is a link to the video that celebrates MM’s milestone –  a R1 million donation to PSFA

On behalf of the children we feed and the PSFA general committee, management and staff, we hereby wish to take this opportunity to thank MM and their estate agent clients for their dedicated and continued support!

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