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PSFA now feeding 103 children at the Carel du Toit Centre for Hearing Impaired Children

Our Fundraising Manager, Charles Grey and Operations Manager, Amelia Koeries visited the Carel du Toit Centre for Hearing Impaired Children this morning. PSFA recently started feeding 103 children at this very special place filled with much love and care during April this year.

Ruth Bourne, the Principal at Carel du Toit, explained to us that since their children have been on the feeding scheme, they have noticed that the incidence of ear infections has started to drop. This is due to the improved nourishment strengthening their immune systems. “We are so grateful for this feeding scheme. The children love it!” said Mrs Bourne.

The Carel du Toit Centre, ‘where deaf children learn to talk’ endeavours to give every deaf child the opportunity to acquire natural communication. PSFA is honoured to be able to assist by feeding hungry children at this outstanding centre!

Other schools that also joined our feeding programme during April this year are Alicedale Primary in Athlone where we are feeding 150 children, Fairview Primary in Grassy Park (feeding 91 children) and Kuils River Technical High in Kuils River where we are feeding 146 young adults.

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